5 Ways to De-Stress During Wedding Planning

​If you've had a chance to follow along with our Wedding Planning 101 blog series, you've probably found yourself wondering, “When do I make time for myself in the craziness of wedding planning?” And you're not alone! Wedding planning should be fun, that’s for sure. But it can also be stressful. No bride- or groom-to-be needs to feel overly stressed during the process. That takes away all the beauty and happiness of the season of life! At Goodwin Manor in Little Rock, we’re firm believers that this should be the best time of your life. We’ve decided to take a break from our series on planning to give you five ways you can easily de-stress during wedding planning.

  1. Confine planning to specific days. The first step you’ll want to take in making wedding planning less stressful is to set clear boundaries. Select specific days of the week to set aside just for wedding planning and leave the other days open for your other commitments. If you work full-time, maybe just leave the weekend and one specific weekday to plan your wedding so you don’t let an already stressful work week turn into an even more stressful week. Make sure your family, friends, bridal party, and wedding planner are aware of your boundaries, too.

  2. Treat yourself. Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night at least once a month during the wedding planning process. Draw a bubble bath, light some candles, put on a relaxing playlist and simply give yourself time set aside just to relax. Top the night off by painting your nails and watching your favorite romantic comedy. This is the perfect way to get your mind off your wedding planning details for an evening and refresh your mind.

  3. Have a date night. Remember the person you’ll say, “I do” with? Yeah, that guy or gal. They’re the reason your wedding is happening to begin with. Spend some time with them. Make sure you and your significant other have a date night or two each month that involve just the two of you - no planning or wedding talk allowed. This will work wonders to make you more excited for the big day because you’ll be refocused on the person you love.

  4. Get some beauty sleep. We can’t stress enough how important sleep is to making wedding planning enjoyable. If you are constantly lacking sleep, you’ll be too drained to even have fun looking at wedding inspiration. Charge your phone in another room so you’re not tempted to lay awake at night on Pinterest or Instagram dreaming about your wedding. It’s fun in the moment, yes. But the next day, you’ll regret it.

  5. Laugh. It’s true that laughter can be the best medicine. Especially when the illness is stress. Plan a game night with your bride- or groom-to-be and your closest friends and let some good laughs take your mind off of your wedding. A good laugh can also work wonders for a stressed out bride.

However you decide to do it, give yourself time to get some R&R during the wedding planning process. Trust us, it makes the months leading up to your wedding so much better for both you and your future spouse! If you need more help with the wedding planning process or are interested in having your wedding here at Goodwin Manor in Little Rock, Arkansas, contact us today! We would be honored to host your wedding or event and help bring your dreams to life!