Wedding Planning 101: How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Olivia Lott Photograph

Close your eyes and picture your wedding day. In the day you envision, you likely see your fiancé, your dress, his tux, your parents dancing, you and your spouse cutting the cake. You may picture your beautiful venue, Goodwin Manor. You likely don't picture someone taking photos of you. But your wedding photographer is one of the most important people you'll have at your wedding, hands down! You’ll treasure your wedding photos for years to come. Because of the importance of this decision, we're giving you some basic tips for choosing the right wedding photographer. We’ve worked with so many spectacular, talented wedding photographers here at Goodwin Manor in Little Rock, Arkansas. Contact us today - we’d be happy to share our recommendations with you! ​Just like the rest of your wedding planning journey, it's vital to start this search with the answer to this question: How important is this part of the wedding to me? Some brides want flawless documentation of their big day while others just want photo evidence they can look at years later. Some brides or grooms have a specific photography style in mind for their photos while others would be happy with any style. Start by taking a look at wedding photos by a variety of local photographers and see what styles stand out to you. A few photography style options include:

  • Documentary/Photojournalistic

  • Artistic

  • Portrait

  • Fine-Art

  • Traditional

Take a day or two to research each of these photography styles and see what seems to fit the most with your vision. Consider if you want a photographer who will be very involved in directing and staging photos or if you want someone who will just capture the big day as it unfolds. This is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to consider. After you know the style you’re going for, you can search for local or regional photographers that use that style.

Apart from the photographer’s shooting style, consider his or her editing style. Some photographers edit their photos with unique lighting or brightness or contrast. Some retouch blemishes while others don't. It differs from photographer to photographer so this is an important thing to consider if you prefer a certain amount of light or color in your photos. It’s also important if you desire a photographer that will photoshop flaws or blemishes away.

Our final piece of advice is to narrow your list of potential photographers down to two or three and then to meet with them in person. Most photographers would be more than happy to grab a cup of coffee with you so you can ask them questions and so they can learn more about you, your relationship, and what you’re envisioning for your wedding day photography. Typically, it will be easy to determine if you and a photographer are a good fit. Meeting with them in person can really help you narrow down your choices and even choose the one!

Take your time when it comes to selecting a photographer for your wedding. Finding the right one is 100% worth it. If you’d like to know more about photographers we’ve worked with here at Goodwin Manor in Little Rock, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you and help you determine if Goodwin Manor is the right wedding venue for you and your groom- or bride-to-be!